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How to prevent injector seal failure and turbo failure on hdi engines.
I have been researching this as it seemed to be a common issue and injector seals are not a part that should ever fail in a diesel engine. After reading lots of posts from both hdi and Ford 1.6tdci owners, I have found the very simple solution to preventing huge repair bills.

Every hdi owner should tighten the injector retaining bolts.

The problem is the injector retaining bolts are very cheap metal and stretch over time with the heating and cooling of the engine. This then leaves much less than the required torque on the bolts and injector seal leak starts. Citroen now use a different bolt to prevent this problem and I have been told there is a technical bulletin to dealers to check the torque of these bolts at service time. When injector seals start leaking, there is no evidence. No loss of power, no rough running etc. The engine just slowly contaminates the oil with soot, which blocks filters and starves the turbo of oil causing turbo failure.


Tools Required: 6mm and 7mm Allen keys.

1. Remove the plastic engine cover so the injectors are exposed.

2. use the 6mm allen key to undo the two bolts securing the wiring loom across the top of the engine so it can be moved out of the way to get at the rear four injector retaining bolts.

3. Use the 7mm allen key to re tighten each of the bolts (two per injector). You need to crack off each bolt gently, just enough so that it moves, then tighten.

They should not be overly tight. There is a torque specification of 4NM + 65 deg turn.

I just did mine by feel but used a small crescent wrench on the allen key as I needed a bit more leverage than I could get on the short end of an allen key. Six were very similar torque so I just turned them 1/4 turn tighter. Two (on injectors 2 and three) were quite a bit looser so I tightened them to a similar torque as the others.

My engine is now noticeably smoother, with less vibration after doing this and I can drive happily knowing that I am not likely to have a major repair bill on the horizon.
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FAQ Posted by JohnC4GP
Info Created: 05 February 2014
Last Updated: 05 February 2014