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Changing the rear shock absorbers to 'after market' ones
This post might help anyone fitting after market shocks. The shocks I fitted were standard Bilstein, same specs as OEMs but this will help if someone is changing over to after market shocks if they are after adjustable damping or lowered rear suspension etc.

Apparently the Citroen supplied shocks come with the top alloy mounting (which contains the rubber bush) and the plastic debris guard pre fitted. For anyone fitting after-markey shocks like my Bilsteins, it is necessary to swop over the top alloy mounting. I made up a split collet to grip the shaft of the shock. This is just a alloy washer say 25 mm thick with a 14mm hole down the middle.

Wrap a little emery paper around the old shock shaft, fit the split collet over this and clamp up tightly in a vice. The old nut will be tight from a little corrosion. Don't worry about ruining the shaft finish on the old shock because it will go in the bin!

For the new shock, only grip the shaft using the split collet on the very top of the polished shaft. This bit does not go inside the shock body or past the lip seal. Make sure you swop over the plastic debris guard before fitting the alloy top mounting.

That alloy housing sitting on top of the spare wheel is the bit that needs swopping over

Bilstein ref is BWE B312

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FAQ Posted by gmerry
Info Created: 10 April 2010
Last Updated: 10 April 2010