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Wheel Nut Torque settings Coupe/Hatch and C4 Picasso
I'm fitting the front & rear mud flap which mean the wheels have to come off, I rang the Citroen dealer this morning and they told me the wheel nuts tightness should be 80 ft/lbs for the alloy on the C4 Picasso exclusive model .

Before taking the wheel nuts off I decided to use the torque wrench to check and none of the wheel nuts was at 80 ft/lbs which needed a few more turn. Surely the manufactures should be tightening them at 80 ft/lbs or is the 80lbs incorrect?

Phil wrote ...

C4 wheel nuts are torqued to 9 +/- 1 daNm (90nm)

C4 Picasso 10 +/- 1 daNm (100nm)

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FAQ Posted by Phil
Info Created: 06 March 2009
Last Updated: 06 March 2009