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C4 Grand Picasso can't lock the car.
Went shopping today, put the goods in the car, shut the tailgate, went to lock the car and the car would not lock apart from the tailgate which I could not open.

Could it be the switch which opens the tailgate? Can't lock car till problem is sorted

projectech101 wrote ...

I had that sort of problem on mine. I didnt know that the right hand button released the glass top section, and thought the bootlock had gone faulty.

The car wouldnt lock or anything.

Phil wrote ...

I agree... we've had this "problem" time and time again.

If you've got the split opening tailgate (alot of people don't even realise they've got this) you may have inadvertantly opened the glass by mistake.

You can neither open the main hatch or lock the car until the glass is closed.
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FAQ Posted by f1fanman
Info Created: 24 January 2011
Last Updated: 24 January 2011