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My doors rattle or have a hollow sound
My brother asked me to post this because he's too idle to do it himself.

He mentioned in his thread that the front passenger door on his "new" C4 sounds hollow and cheap, instead of the usual C4 thud. The thud of quality.

This is the problem.

The channel on the back of the door skin is no longer attached. I'd guess that it's the side impact bar.

How do you fix this?
We considered Araldite Rapid Steel, polyurethane glue, gap filling foam

How about hot melt glue?

Lots of hot melt glue. About thirteen sticks, in fact.

To be honest I lost count.

There's also this thing, it looks like part of the crash structure.

Two layers of sticky backed foam rubber from Hobbycraft made sure it wouldn't rattle.

It still fits, too.


If you ever want to pull the white foam sheet off your door, peel it back at the edge and cut the glue with a sharp knife. You won't need to glue it back on when you've finished, the glue will self-amalgamate back together when you stick it back down.
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FAQ Posted by Irritant
Info Created: 18 July 2010
Last Updated: 01 February 2014