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Find out why a C4 cooling fan not coming on.
A fan not coming on could be a few things:

Blown fuse

Lose connection

Faulty sensor - how to check one: - Click Here -

ECU fault

Trackie wrote ...

I was sitting in my c4 1.6hdi 110, the other day. And then the car started beepng and it was telling me to turn the engine off as it is over heating. as the temperture gauge when over the three bars. so i turned the car off for a while.

I have now notice that when i have the air con on, the fan is also keeping the car temperture down, but when i turn of the air con the car then starts to get to hot as the cooling fan doesn't kick in. This is only a problem when the car is ticking over for some time. it's ok when driving.

mjcc wrote ...

Mine did all that I put a new sensor in and still the fan would not run. So next I slaved the sensor in and put a heat gun on it I could get the fan to run but only on high speed.

Next I took the fan control apart and shorted each control terminal to ground as that is hat the ECU does. when shorting slow speed to ground the solenoid clicked but fand did not run.

High speed did. Put a new fan control Pt # 1038CL in and all is good.

The reason all the bars flash is that the ECU has commanded the fan to run and it is not. Hope this helps
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Info Created: 11 July 2010
Last Updated: 25 July 2016
Curruptedc4 30 Oct 2018 : 06:20

Hi i have 2007 c4 hatchback vtrplus 1.6 i see the stop sign come on ive replaced the resistor pack and also the temp sensor the fan is not spinning to cool the engine down the motor is not seized as it wouldnt be able to spin i took it to quick fit they told me its not the fan the fam is fine the resistor is brand new and the temp sensor is brand new any ideas

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