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 FAQ #192
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There's a knocking noise from the rear of my C4
There was a strange knocking coming from the rear corner of my C4.

Upon inspection it turns out that its caused by the plastic cover on the shock-absorber (a round plastic tube that covers the shock-absorber rod).

The cover is no longer fixed to the top of the shock absorber, the noise I could hear was it moving up and down the length of the shock-absorber when going over bumps.

I can move the cover to the top by hand, it fits within a recess at the top of the shock-absorber, but theres no way for it to remain fixed into the recess, and although its quite a tight fit, eventually it falls down and starts knocking/rattling again.

Am I missing something? Is there a way of fitting this cover permanently?

The shock-absorber seems to work as expected, its not leaking. I assume the cover is there to protect the rod from dirt that may eventually damage the seals.

Phil wrote ...

There are proper clips to cure this now as part of an info rapid.

Clip part number 699259 - one for each side. About 60p each.
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FAQ Posted by UncleZen
Info Created: 09 March 2010
Last Updated: 09 March 2010