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C4 Coupe and Hatch lower front windscreen seal
It has been long known that if the windscreen bottom seal is not secure, it can allow water onto the fusebox causing corrosion. It has now come to light that it can also cause the clutch master to slave cylinder pipe to corrode through - Click Here - so it's imperative that anyone with a pre 2011 C4 checks and secures the seal on their car.

neilp wrote ...

I found if I lift up the plastic cover away from the windscreen there is a long plastic clip runs the length of the middle 2/3 of the of the windscreen edge.

This clip attachs to the plastic cover and then slides onto the bottom edge of the windscreen. It holds the seal firm against the windscreen, I had never seen this clip before and it does appear to be doing the job.

Before using the clip

After using the clip

The clip is under the plastic cover, between the cover and the brake reservoir support panel

Update - Just to verify this clip is already under the plastic cover, not one I've added myself. All I've done is fasten it to the windscreen.

festa wrote ...

Hi there, I'm a windscreen fitter so do these a lot. Best way is to remove scuttle completely. You'll find three clips 1 long one that sits in the middle of glass and the other two sit on the straight bits after the curves from middle, if they not on glass there probably stuck on scuttle so look underneath.

Best way to re-attach is to push the clip's on glass, when on, spray with glass cleaner and push the scuttle into clip.

It should sort of pop in, you will know what way to put on because clip will have a larger gap and a smaller gap. Hope this makes some sort of sense.

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FAQ Posted by neilp
Info Created: 05 March 2010
Last Updated: 15 December 2015

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