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C4 HDi fails to start and fuel system needs priming
I've had a 1.6HDI for just over a year and all has been unbelievably well.

Then, totally out of the blue, the car wont start and I thought it was an imobiliser issue.

The car gets towed to the dealer, and subsequently the answer to question was, "the fuel system needed bleeding" to solve the issue.

I thought it's just one of those things.

This is has now got progressively worse and now requires to be done practically daily (good job I found out how to bleed the fuel system) and thus the wife wont drive it any more and the weathers getting cold for my old pinkies furst thing in a morning!!!!!

I don't seem to able to details of the fuel system components, but I do know there is a high pressure and low pressure parts to the system.

Has anyone come across this before, or am I only one to have a faulty C4

Any help would be good as it's really starting to be frustrating........

Phil wrote ...

Sounds to me like you have an air leak on the fuel circuit which is allowing the fuel to drain back.

A good place to check is the manual hand priming pump and it's piping - it can sometimes be something a little as pin hole

But this is enough to allow the fuel to run back.

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FAQ Posted by j1cta
Info Created: 02 December 2009
Last Updated: 02 December 2009