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Heating fails to adjust to the temperature you set
If you have Dual Zone Heating / Ventillation / Air Conditioning you might find that either side continues pumping out hot air even after turning everything off - putting the A/C on and switching it to 'lo'

Yep no change - it still pumps out hot air no matter how things were set.

It is a known issue and Citroen issued a 'Bulletin' in June 2006 on it. It can affect either side of the system but from what I could see on the bulletin (had to read it upside down as dealers are loathe to show you them) is limited to a number of cars up to a specific build number

Basically it requires the control module at the rear of the dashboard replaced as one of the 'duct diverter' motors (best explanation I can give) has failed.

It may only require a 'gear wheel' change and not a whole module but if you have any issues with the heating / ventilation system not working as it should then get it checked out by a dealer as it is possibly related if the car is in warranty

If out of warranty - fix for £10.00

petecass80 wrote ...

There is a common fault that Citroen

This can be resolved very quickly and easily by purchasing a repair kit. The old part number is 6450XZ, the new part number is 1607044080 from a Citroen or Peugeot dealer (they can both order it, my Citroen dealer had it in stock!).

You will need the part number as my dealer hadn't heard of the fault (but had the part on the shelf?).

It costs less than £10, and can be fitted in less than 25 minutes for the drivers side. passenger side might take longer due to the glove box. the kit contains enough parts to fix both sides, so if it happens to the other side you don't need to buy another kit.

This was an unbelievably easy fix well within the capability of the weakest diy mechanic. My Mum could have done it.

The Citroen repair bulletin is available for download from this site. - Click Here -

That's where I found out about the problem. the fault lies with the whole air-con unit not the motor so taking to a air-con specialist would cost hundreds for a problem that Citroen have fixed with a simple modification kit.

Commodore wrote ...

Right - fingers crossed the aircon is fixed.

The cogs on the gears were fine - my heater box is already fitted with the uprated cogs, however, there was the occasional slippage during my close-up tests, which was easily fixed by resetting the starting position of the cog and refitting the motor tightly against the cog.

The main problem was in fact the directional flap pivot arm:

Ignore the damage - I did this removing it as it didn't want to come out of it's socket without a fight.

The problem wasn't it stripping the hexagonal fitting where the motor connects (the normal problem with this part), it was this:

The original grease put on in the factory had basically turned into a glue-like substance, causing it to stick and jam.

I removed it, cleaned the area (including cleaning off the random dollop of grease added by the idiot dealership on Thursday), regreased in the right places and replaced the pivot arm with the one from the repair kit.

Refitted the motors and tested - hot/cold motor is working fine and the directional motor is now moving free and smoothly after replacing the pivot arm. Both sides now blowing the correct temperature air.

I also refitted all the trim - properly - and refitted the screw the dealership left in my footwell. The footwell trim is now all solid and rattle-free (for now at least).

Took just under two hours - with about one hour just spent trying to get the original pivot arm off the heater box (and swearing a lot).

Biohead wrote ...

Success at last. After getting the flap out, it took just a few more minutes to position the new one up, slot it in and screw the motor back on.

Took Commodore's advice and added some new grease to the flap whilst I was at it.

Also worth mentioning, make sure the motor is in the correct position before screwing it back in place. I found that moving the flap all the way clockwise (looking at it from the drivers door), then setting the climate to demist will ensure the motor is in the correct position before you put it all in place. Otherwise the motor will just force the flap and damage the it again.
And of course... the battle outcome:

DeuxChevaux wrote ...

Earlier in this thread - Click Here - (feb 19th 2012) I put some photos which showed the white quadrant that didn't move enough to direct air at the screen unless moved by a gentle push.

I finally got round to a proper fix at last!

I bought the repair kit now with part number 1607044080 on the box which has lots of bits in including the white quadrant. I removed the carpet and plastic trims as I did in Feb. Undid the two (T20?) torx screws holding the servo on and then used a large screwdriver to ease the quadrant out.

The servo has a hexagon drive on it and I could see the quadrant had a socket exactly the same which had split.

I pushed the new one in aligning the flap lever into the appropriate place, screwed the servo back on and all works perfectly! Total time was about 15 mins and cost was about £12ish from Dealer 2.

Wish I had done it months ago
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