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C4 Alarm goes off when parked in High Winds?
On a very windy night and around 4.00 a.m. I had to get up for a call of nature and I realised I could hear a car alarm

Yes it was mine

So I dutifully tried to turn it off so as not to upset the neighbours

But I had a problem - turning the alarm off from inside the house (via the window) left the headlights on? and opening and unlocking the doors with the remote had no effect so I had to go out into the cold night and open the car door and close it again

But still no joy - headlights stayed on until I eventually opened the door and turned them from 'auto' to off and then could reset the alarm - I always have the lights on auto as I'm lazy!

This had happened once before at Christmas when it was again very windy

Called into the dealers who hooked the car up and checked the error log (did you know the on-board system records them!)

[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/service/bonsen.jpg|C4 Bonnet Sensor||right][/shadowbox]From the log it appears Highly Likely that the bonnet sensor is at fault caused by the wind crossing the bonnet from the side (the car is parked outside close to a wall)

The system had a full software update at the service last week because I reported that the headlights were on occasion not going off when I turned the ignition off (take me home is turned OFF btw) and the error log had 6 reports of the bonnet being open (when it hasn't) and a couple more for the doors

I had to wait until they got a new sensor from Citroen (couple of days as it's not a stock part as one has never been required before) when the error log was checked again

This may never happen to you as I have the factory fit security pack (alarm and security glass in side windows) and park outside in a spot to vulnerable to swirling SW gales but.....

You may need the sensor changed
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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 06 February 2007
Last Updated: 23 December 2009