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 FAQ #133
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C4GP Sticking Fuel Filler Cap
The C4GP fuel filler cap has a tendency to stick and is difficult to open. Citroen did supply a modification to the Dealer Network however stevenellis has an explanation and a fix

However it's not Citroen Approved

stevenellis wrote ...

what happens is the rubber inner seal sits on the neck of the tank , as the tank empties it pulls a slight vac on the seal and sucks it into place on the tank neck

Before filling up my C4P4 i push the flap in , therefore distorting the rubber seal allowing air in and enabling the flap to be opened at a single push of the button

My fix long term was to drill a small 5mm hole in the rubber neck seal at the top to always allow air in and to stop a vacum forming in the filler flap rubber seal assembly hope this helps others ..
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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 17 March 2009
Last Updated: 17 March 2009