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Why the windscreen washers won't work
RT_VTS wrote ...

The washers have stopped working on my VTS. I thought it could be frozen water in the pipes or nozzles, but they haven't been operational now for days. (And yes, I've checked I have water in the bottle! )

This happens a lot and is a common question on the forum, the number one cause is the fuse which Citroen have now changed from 10A to 15A. The second cause is the pump has packed up Or you've not had enough ant freeze in your washer bottle and the weather hasn't been warm enough to defrost the fluid in the bottle.
Phil wrote ...

Fuse F3 in the engine bay fuse box - it'll be a 10amp (red) fuse... and more than likely blown! When replacing, try uprating to a 15 amp (blue)..

It's been seriously cold lately so if after the fuse has been replaced the washers don't still work, don't panic, the bottle's probably frozen solid!! We've had a couple like that over the past few days, including mine! My headlight washers still aren't working yet! Haha

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FAQ Posted by Phil
Info Created: 08 January 2009
Last Updated: 08 January 2009