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C4 2.0L HDi EGS - Loss of Auto, paddle shift and cruise!
The battle bus has developed a major fault. It started today by intermittently losing auto and switching to manual mode whilst having a leisurely drive near Settle. Finished the day permanently in manual mode cant use paddles to up-shift beyond 3rd and no cruise control.

No error messages shown any where and higher gears can only be achieved by shifting to neutral and then back to A or M! Tried to get dealer to at least run diagnostics at close of business but failed. So its going in tomorrow am, just been out to it now and its at least showing A1 now as opposed to 1.

Jacippit wrote ...

OK here's the cryptic answer. It appears there is two micro style switches on the brake pedal.One for the brake lights, one for the computers.

It appears the latter of these needs little or no excuse to go open circuit and knock off the cruise, and it stays open and if it don't see the brake lights its skips out of auto. So what's causing this? Well it appears that the hand controls that are fitted are either sticking ever so slightly or the weight of them is enough to depress the brake pedal ever so slightly (a hairs breath!") and make the computer micro switch go open circuit and hence knock off the cruise etc.

I know other people have had similar problems without hand controls being fitted so if it appears get your foot under the brake and press up and see what happens.....

Basically its the micro switch on the brake pedal has a very fine tolerance and it takes very little pressure on the brake pedal for it to activate. Once this is activated it will turn off the cruise and if stays activated it will also disable the auto function of the EGS box.

nociolajon wrote ...

Hello, We had the same problem with our Grande C4 and it was returned to us yesterday from the garage. They found it was the brake sensor on ours too.

We also have hand controls fitted.

They found it by having a computer connected up and it showed up on a test run.

It seems to be running fine now.
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FAQ Posted by Jacippit
Info Created: 17 December 2008
Last Updated: 17 December 2008