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MOT Test Intervals
A car in the UK needs to have an MOT Test at it's 3rd Birthday and annually thereafter.

However you can get the car tested up to 1 month before the test is due to allow time to get any defects seen to prior to the test being required/expiring

I.E. my car was registered Jan 13th 2005 and was MOT'd for the first time today Jan 8th 2008

However I can get it tested anytime from 14th December 2008 to 13th January 2009

The certificate is valid from now until 13th January 2009

It's also worth noting that MOT Tests are now recorded and linked electronically to the DVLA Computer System, same as Insurance so you can renew your Road Fund Licence 'online' now. Much simpler than queuing at the Post Office (assuming you will still have one)

But it also means that the Police can tell not just if your car is taxed, but insured and has a valid MOT so it should really cut down on those who insist on flaunting the law as penalties now can be as severe as having your car impounded and 'crushed'
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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 08 January 2008
Last Updated: 06 January 2013