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 FAQ #10
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Citroen C4 Warranty
[shadowbox=http://c4owners.org/images/c4/service/warranty.jpg|C4 Warranty Details||right][/shadowbox]
The Warranty that comes with a new C4 purchased via an AUTHORISED UK CITROEN DEALERSHIP is 2 years unlimited mileage from Citroen with an optional dealer-provided 3rd year warranty guarantee but subject to conditions. The mileage is limited to a total of 60,000 or the end of the 3rd year which ever comes sooner subject to servicing in line with Citroen's recommendations.

The Additional Guarantee is transferable but you should read the small print.

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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 22 October 2007
Last Updated: 18 February 2010