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Parrot Bluetooth and Ipod Support - How to Install in C4 Coupe VTR+
Well, after some helpful advice from Big John D, I managed to get these installed. I tried to take as many pictures as I could to show the tips and pitfalls you might come across when trying to do it.

By no means is this the only way (or even the easiest way) to install these items, and there are certainly other install guides for the 9706.AG cable, but I'd like to show you the alternatives that a little hard work (and only one injury) can provide.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

First, I'll show you what comes with the model I bought, the Parrot CK3100 LCD

The image shows the LCD display, the ISO connectors and the control box, not shown is the microphone and mounts.

But, as you may be aware, Citroen does not use ISO connectors, and so a further set of cables are required, (they are available elsewhere). It looks like this;

This is the installation guide from Parrot, but be aware, when you are sitting with the mountain of cables in front of you (and believe me, there are A LOT) this diagram is not much use, as it is not colour coded.

I've tried to take a few pictures to show you which cables go where, but I'll also try and verbally describe what has to happen, so bear with me!!

I've labelled the main parts of the ISO to Citroen adaptor A, B and C, and I'll refer to them to explain what is happening.

All in all, the connectors available are;
1 Quadlock (A)
1 Multi-Blade Connector (C)
1 Double-female Connector (B)
2 Black Single Male Connectors (One has swappable power cables)
1 Black Single Female Connector
1 Grey Single Female Connector
1 Grey Single Male Connector, and,
1 Brown Single Male Connector.

Now, the Grey male connector goes into B, it will only fit in one of the slots. While you are there, plug the mute cable (yellow) into "Mute in 1" the white one. The single black connector that comes from the same place as the mute cable also goes into B.

The single brown male connector goes into the single black female connector. Finally, the remaining black male connector, with the swappable power cables, goes into the grey female connector. While you're there, swap the power cables so that the yellow goes into red and red goes into yellow.

Thank goodness, guess that's why Parrot don't give you instructions!

So, you should be left with this, and at this point I was thinking "Where on Earth is it all going to go?!"

Now the fun bit, fitting it all in! To be honest, this is really easy, you just plug the Citroen quadlock into C (if you have any Aux connections, take them out and put them into the Parrot Quadlock (A) ) Then plug A into your stereo, and test!

Despite my reservations, the cables and the control box, etc, all fit in tidily underneath the stereo behind the trim...

It should all work, then decide where you want to place things, at the moment, for easiness, I've used the stereo mount, which looks pretty good, and I've hidden the microphone to the left of the steering column.

Now, for the 9706.AG cable, I wanted a place to put it that was closer to the driver than the glovebox (plus I didn't want to be trying to remove the glovebox of death!) but I still wanted it to be hidden.

I decided it would probably fit in the central armrest, but new that there were two problems with this; it is very difficult to route the cable that way, and the cable is quite short. Anyway, i plowed on!

I managed to get the cable down behind the stereo and grab it where the ashtray is, just in front of the gear stick, but the problem was getting it underneath the plastic tunnel that runs down the centre of the car and includes the handbrake.

I started by removing the central armrest, by lifting the centre section exposing 6 Torx screws, size T20. They loosened easily and the box can be removed by moving it towards the back seats, take care with the plastic clips at the front underside of the box.

The hardest part to remove (or so I thought) actually turned out to be really easy when you get the right point to lever. The central plastic part feels like it's never going to come free...

And then, an inspiration, one simple press at the right point with a thin screwdriver and out it popped!

Then, to fully remove this part, you need to unclip the power cables to the cigarette lighter and the 12v socket, you can do this by simply pressing the centre of the black part and sliding it downwards and out.

The next part was just a simple put a wire through one way, tape it on, pull it back type of job that you have to do a couple of times to find a route through the trim, keep it away from the moving parts of the handbrake.

Then it is a matter of placement inside the arm rest, although you will not have a lot of choice due to the length of the cable, you are right at the limit of it's reach here and it's best to have it as close to the front of the box as possible, because otherwise you won't be able to remove the radio without taking the arm rest out first!! I just drilled a couple of holes in the plastic to route the cable through, it's a bit fiddly but you should get there!

Remember to plug the cig. lighter back in before refitting the trim.

You will need to get the dealer to enable your Aux port if you haven't already, I was lucky and they didn't charge because they wanted to see all the work I'd done on the car!!

So I hope I've helped anyone wanting to do this or something like it, and I think the USB box would fit in the arm rest instead of the 9706.AG cable but I don't know what the cable is like for it. Also, I'm pretty sure the installation for any of the Parrot kits would be the same, you can also get a cable from them to use your steering wheel controls to work the device, even if you don't have the phone buttons, which is cool.

All in all, it took me three hours, but I am a bit hungover today, and I only injured myself once!!

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