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Fix a none working rear screen washer
Problem - My front jets worked, but when I operated the rear one, water came out the front??!!??!

Solution - It was the pump as it serves both front and rear with an internal valve

Here is what I did tp resolve it:

Jacked/axel stand the car up on the drivers side

Under the front of the car, I undid about 6 star screws and a couple of flat screws to drop the cover
Located the bottom of the water pump.

Caution - you may get wet soon !!

Removed the electrical connector and the 2 pipes (slight wetness)

Next, with a lot of tugging, removed the pump from the tank. Very tight

Stop for a coffee (Need a boiling kettle)

With the pump, there are 2 basic assemblies. The electric bit, and at the base an assembly with the 2 pipes (I should have taken piccies)

Lever off the base assembly carefully

Kettle has boiled, make your coffee, and another cup of hot water

Put the base assembly into a cup of boiling water to aid the separation, and enjoy your coffe

After a couple of mins, you can fish out the assembly, and use a small screwdriver to separate the white bit from the black bit

Inside is a little plug, this is the problem as is gets stuck.

Get it out, use the cup of hot water, put in some fairy liquid, and wash all three bits

When dried, put back together in reverse

You can test its operation by sucking and blowing through one of the pipes and you should hear the plug moving backwards and forwards

Reassemble the pump (Tight) and put pump into the water tank, and pipe up and plug in the electric

Before putting the bottom cover back on, check the operation of the front and back jets. I put my pipes on the wrong way

If all is OK, screw up the cover, and go inside for another coffee with a warm glow.

Dead easy job, and I hope it helps other users.
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FAQ Posted by Jips
Info Created: 20 July 2008
Last Updated: 20 July 2008