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Colour Code the parking Sensors on my C4
Detection is performed by means of a highly sensitive membrane

The sensitivity of the membrane may be affected if coated with an unsuitable product . Detection is then incorrect or non existent .


Vehicles with non painted proximity sensors

Non painted proximity sensors must never be covered with paint

Remove or cover the proximity sensors when repairing the paint on the bumper

Vehicles with pre-painted proximity sensors

To ensure that obstacle detection is not incorrect or non existent , special "to be painted" proximity sensors must only be covered with a coat of paint with a maximum thickness of 120 microns .

A paint thickness greater than 120 microns will lead to operating problems :

.. No detection
.. Incorrect information given to the driver

Painting of the parts

New panels

New bumpers and "to be painted" proximity sensors are prepared in order to be coated directly with finishing paint . New proximity sensors are supplied with a 25 micron thick coat of primer .

Painting a new "to be painted" type of proximity sensor

Paint bumpers and proximity sensors separately

Degrease the surface using a cloth soaked in "pre-painting degreaser"

Wipe with a dry cloth .

CAUTION : Never use an aggressive thinner which may remove the primer

Single coat painting

H.S. paint (high solid) : apply one coat of paint

M.S. paint (medium solid) : apply 2 coats of paint

Two-coat paints

Base colour

Apply 1 - 3 coats of paint depending on colour covering power

Superlustre finish

Apply one coat of high solid (HS) varnish

Apply 2 light coats for standard varnish

Avoid overloading and runs when apply finishing products

Touching up paint on bumpers

CAUTION : Never apply another coat of paint to a sensor which already has one coat of finishing paint . remove or mask the proximity sensors before applying paint .

Faults causing proximity sensor operating problems

Paint run or paint too thick on the membrane

Paint run in the channel around the membrane

Membrane distorted

Bumper distorted altering the direction of the proximity sensor

Dealing with painting faults on a painted proximity sensor

URGENT : The thickness of the paint film should not be increased on the membrane

Sanding can only be used to repair paint by greatly reducing the thickness of the existing paint

Never sand the paint down to the membrane

Apply a thin coat of finishing paint
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Info Created: 01 July 2008
Last Updated: 01 July 2008