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Fit Aftermarket Parrot Bluetooth, Parking Sensors and Xenon Headlights to my C4?
Well I bought the new Citroen C4 a couple of weeks ago but it had no bluetooth, parking sensors or upgraded headlights. I went Ebay Shopping and have bought a parking sensor kit from Hong Kong via UK for GBP 12.99, a Parrot CK3100 from US for US$128, a parrot ISO adapter from Hong Kong vis UK for GBP 12.95 and 2 Xenon HID kits for high and low beam from Hong Kong via US for US$89.98.

I'm really happy with all that because the parrot CK3100 supplied and fitted locally is $400 so its like I got the rest for nothing.

First I fitted the Parrot with the screen above the rear view mirror and the microphone behind the grill in the interior light fitting.

I mounted the parrot box into the rear of the panel below the steering column and connected to the radio using the ISO2CAR adapter. This system still utilises the parrot supplied wiring loom and makes for a lot ofr excess cable which was thankfully contained in the large space under the standard radio. Both our mobile phones are Nokia 6120 and needed to download a programme from Nokia to allow the phones to synchronise their contact lists with the Parrot. The program is for Nokia's 810 Bluetooth Carkit.

The only great difficulty was running the wires from the mirror to the under dash area and meant removing the sun visor and sunglasses holder and dropping part of the roof lining. I hate doing that because linings are so easily marked. I also had to slightly adapt the Parrot Screen holder to allow the head to pivot to a better angle once it was mounted above the rear view mirror.

The Next job was to install the xenon headlights and I mainly followed Welshguys instructions for that. In Australia there is no requirement for washers and auto levelling on xenon's so it was a basic kit H1 for High beam and H7 for low beam. I fitted the ballasts side by side on the chassis rail just under the light fittings.

The lights are the newer 50W xenon's and so far have caused no problems. The lights are much brighter and low beam still retains the normal cut beam and other cars are not dazzled.

Finally I fitted the parking sensors. The kit came with a display the measures distance in metres as well as warning lights and a buzzer. I mounted the display in the middle of the dashboard behind the speedo near where the windscreen meets the dashboard.

The display only required 12V supply and ground wire as the connection to the sensor unit is by radio waves. Being aware of the issues with CAN I picked up the power supply from the radio supply as the slight increase in power would not alter anything else. As I had installed the Parrot kit the other day I knew there was a switched and fused power supply that I could tap into.

To get to the radio I had to remove the speedo and drill a hold in the dashboard and run the wire down under the dash to the radio and connect to the supply after the inline fuse. The only problem was pulling out the speedo. There are two clips at the side of the speedo and you need to push these clips aside by inserting a wire into the two holes in the top of the speedo above the clips otherwise you will bend the clips and could break them.

I then mounted the sensors in the back bumper recessing them into the plastic first using a 25mm hole saw to a depth of about 2mm and then using a 22mm hole saw to complete the hole. The sensors and the holes were painted and mounted and the bumper replaced. I tapped into the +ve for the reversing lamp for the signal to sensor unit and took the 12V feed fro the unit from the cigarette lighter for same reasons as the display unit. All connected up and works fine.

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FAQ Posted by MurrayHenson
Info Created: 27 June 2008
Last Updated: 19 January 2010