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Find out the part numbers for C4 Accessories
C4 Accessory Part Number List - there are more listed here - Click Here - however neither list is exhaustive and not all will be available in every country the C4 is sold in.

For the new 2011 C4 you can download the Accessory Brochure here: - Click Here -

6426.XF 700mm Left/nearside windscreen wiper blade for Coupe and Hatch

6426.XG 600mm Right/offside windscreen wiper blade for Coupe and Hatch

7429.G4 Grille Screen / Snow Guard for C4 Coupe and Hatch Pre Face Lift

7429.HO Grille Screen / Snow Guard for C4 Coupe and Hatch Post Facelift

7429.F4 Grille Screen / Snow Guard for C4 Picasso and C4 Grand Picasso

9421.87 C4 Coupe Front Window Wind Deflector

9421.86 C4 Hatch Front Window Wind Deflector

9428.66 Coupe and hatch Tow Bar wiring Harness

9427.C5 Tow Bar

9471.K6 Cabin Ultra Sonic Alarm sensor installation

9482.44 Front Fog light

9471.K6 Coupe/Hatch After Market Alarm

9471.L5 Picasso/Grand Picasso After Market Alarm

9475.41 Coupe and Hatch Boot mounted CD Multi changer

9473.WY Coupe and Hatch CD Multi changer Arm Rest

9452.71 C4 Hatch Reverse Sensor

9440.15 Coupe and Hatch none CD player Centre Armrest

9400.JA Coupe Spoiler

9459.91 Coupe rear side screens

9416.83 Coupe and Hatch Roof Bar

9400.F4 Coupe and Hatch front under-tray

9400.C7 Front Sport Bumper Skirt

9419.54 C4 Hatch Electric Sunroof

9419.54 Coupe Electric Sunroof

9472.92 Clarion DVD Player (Coupe and Hatch)

9400.C8 VTS rear skirt

9412.10 Coupe and hatch Dog Guard Grill

9477.C1 Parrot Bluetooth

9706.AG iPod connector

9416.A4 C4 GP Roof Bar

9702.EZ USB BOX Instructions

9459.93 C4 Hatch Side Window Blind

As we find more I will add to this list
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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 18 August 2008
Last Updated: 30 June 2011