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Fit an Alpine X100 instead of C4 RD4 Head unit
BigJohnD wrote ...

The standard C4 radio wiring follows the standard ISO convention:

However it is not recommended to cut into the wiring harness to connect to the red 12v switched feed. You'll see why when you pull the radio out.

To be tidy and safe, you need the quadlock extender

OK so I bought an Alpine X100 and Citroen C4 Wiring Adaptor from Autoleads PC2-86-4...

I have wired it all up but the red cable (ignition) has nowhere to go. I get absolutely no output from the Head Unit. No lights nothing - its as if its dead... Do I need to have another 12V line going into this and if so how do I do that?

With vehicles that have the new Fakra or Quadlock connection that features a small lever to make the connection, there is no ignition switched 12v supply. This is usually required for aftermarket head units, and they won't power up with out this being connected.

To resolve the issue, you will need to be technically competent to a small level. You will need to connect the red wire to an ignition switched 12v supply from the fuse box of the vehicle. One such supply would be that which feeds the cigar lighter for example. You may require an electrical test meter to determine the relevant contact.

Once the red wire has been connected securely and professionally to a +12v ignition switched supply, the rest of the installation is straight forward.

The orange wire also remote on these harness adaptors is only for illumination, and can be connected to a +12v supply on lighting circuit such that radio illumination works when vehicle lighting is switched on, or dims if radio is switched on.


If you have the JBL sound upgrade pack and want to get an Alpine head unit working then simply buy Citroen Part 9475.43

They will have absolutely no idea what it is or what it does - I called 5 Citroen garages before anyone even knew what the JBL pack contained...

The place I bought from informed me that my subwoofer received its signal via Bluetooth technology and that the amp was built into the back of the stereo.... So what's that under my seat that looks suspiciously like an amp and why are there cables running to the rear of the car if the sub receives its signal via bluetooth?

Anyway, this was the only place that even recognised what the JBL pack was, never mind that they had no idea how it worked...

Upshot was, the cable worked (although didn't immediately lock in due to Citroens shoddy work making the cable - it took a few attempts at bending pins until the sound was crystal clear and no crackling)....

job done... now onto my steering controls - maybe I should just give up here!?

Thanks for everyone's help along the way! Wozza was the man really, he put me in the right direction that the amp wasn't getting a remote on...

The head unit is sweet! full speed ipod interface and it's hidden away so i'll just be leaving it in the vehicle and take the front plate away with me...

Citroën Part 9475.43

Description and composition

This adapter kit allows a radio to be retrofitted on numerous vehicles in the range, and contains:

- One set of three loudspeakers of different widths that the customer is free to choose;

- One FAKRA interface wiring loom;

- One FAKRA antenna adapter loom.

For the JUMPER 3 vehicle, this adapter kit is specific, and contains:

- 1 fascia trim;

- 1 electrical supply interface and ISO/ISO loudspeakers (2x8 tracks);

- 1 storage compartment;

- 2 metal mounting clips;

Purpose of the product

Perfect adaptation and integration with the dashboard thanks to the three radio loudspeakers.

Can be used to install an after-market Citroën range radio that is perfectly integrated in the passenger compartment.

Cost: About £30 inc Vat
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FAQ Posted by idlerobbo
Info Created: 02 June 2008
Last Updated: 09 November 2012