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Find out if the Citroen SOS facility with Navidrive
As part of my research into the RT4 Navidrive, I understand the SOS feature and the Citroen logo button are not enabled by Citroen garages in the UK. Only in Europe apparently. It uses the integrated telephone SIM card in the head unit to dial the emergency services or a central number for contacting Citroen.

This is a country specific option though (based on the garage setting it up I guess). I haven't read much on the feature in conjunction with airbag deployment, except I also saw the C5 review which said it only worked outside of the UK - this maybe a C5 only feature?

The voice part you queried is correct - you can control the audio, telephone, navigation by pushing a voice button on the steering wheel and saying your command. You can also record your own voice tags (ie. Home) to use in conjunction with the base commands. There is a copy of the RT3 manual on this forum which will give you an idea of the voice control feature which is similar on the newer Navidrive (RT4).

Don't bother asking Citroen UK Customer Services about the Navidrive - I did and was told to read the user guide when I actually receive the car! I had queried the power output of the sound system and map coverage.

When I queried this odd answer, they explained that they were only Customer Services and to talk to the dealer. My dealer fortunately had a bulletin (which I asked him for a copy of) which he had from last year announcing various spec. changes from July '07 on all C4 Picassos which also summarised the key elements of the new Navidrive head unit, Jukebox and navigation coverage.
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FAQ Posted by bluehdi
Info Created: 04 April 2008
Last Updated: 04 April 2008