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Tell what engine my C4 - C4Picasso has installed
Engine ID

Is my HDi the 92 or 110bhp version or does it have a particulate filter?

Easiest way will be to check the VIN when you're at the car. Look in the bottom right hand corner of the windscreen behind the passenger wiper arm.

Failing that, depending how efficient the original selling dealer was, it should be written in the front of the service book.

The VIN will read:-

VF7 **9HP* ******** if it's the 92hp with particulate filter or:-

VF7 **9HX* ******** if it's the 92hp without particulate filter or:-

VF7 **9HY* ******** if it's the 110hp without particulate filter or:-

VF7 **9HZ* ******** if it's the 110hp with particulate filter.

Following the above you can check other engines in a similar way:


RHR - 2.0HDi (138) - With particulate filter

RHJ - 2.0HDi (C4 Picasso) - With particulate filter


KFU - 1.4 16v

NFU - 1.6 16v

6FY - 1.8 16v (C4 Picasso)

RFJ - 2.0 16v (C4 Picasso)

RFN - 2.0 16v (138)

RFK - 2.0 16v (180)

Additional Information:

Please Note: the additives used vary depending on the cars RPO number and can NOT always be mixed. More information: - Click Here -

The additive DPX42 must be used for vehicles with a rigid reservoir for the additive filter up to RPO 9491

Caution: from RPO number 9492 the additive used corresponds to the 'clickfit' union on the additive reservoir.

  • Green Clickfit: Eolys 176 (until stocks are exhausted)
  • Green Clickfit: Infineum F7995
  • Blue Clickfit: Rhodia Powerflex
  • White Clickfit: Rhodia DPX42
Later additives are in a 'flexible pouch' and it is simpler to change the pouch, as they aren't designed to be re filled.

To change the pouch can be done DIY

Tomo1971 wrote ...

If your car is a later model, it may have the pouch, rather than a refillable container.

Mine was a Sept 08 model and had a pouch, so the following applied.....

The fluid is supplied by Citroen in a bag, like a blood bag or saline bag you see at the hospitals. They may supply it 'per litre' but that will be for other models.

When I did mine, I cant see any way of refilling the existing 'bag'. They are also prone to leaking.

So, yes, they are a VERY VERY simple job to do yourself.

*Jack the car up at the rear passenger side safely, using axle stands etc.

* Near to the fuel tank is a plastic container that has a honeycomb pattern on it and a metal bar helping to secure it to the underside. This is the box where the fluid bag is housed.

*You will see an electrical connection and a fluid pipe going into one end, there is a cover over this (or should be, it could of been damaged). Think it slides off. Once off, disconnect the electrical and fluid pipes. From memory they are on spring clips, with areas where you press in and then pull to remove (will be obvious once you see)

*Remove the screws you see affixing the whole assembly to the body work, noting if any are different sizes. Think there are three.

*Once on a bench, you will see the honeycomb part is actually the lid and is secured on with several long bolts. Apparently, these are known to seize. You may want to consider replacing these.

*Once open, the bag is attached in a similar manor to the external pipe to the pump. Release this, release the obvious securing clip and then remove.

*Fitting the new bag is basically the same.

I never did my own, but shortly after getting a dealer to do it, the container was damaged while off road, so had to replace some of the sections of the container. I did wear gloves but there was no fluid leakage at all from any of the pipes. There was however some residue from when the previous bag had leaked before expiry.

Going bag to the honeycomb section... the 'lid'... there is a metal cover that's now available that goes on top, to help protect the container. You may want to consider buying this as well, or indeed make one yourself.

Once back together, you may need to get the counter reset at a dealer if you do not have access to 'Lexia'.

Have a look here at PSA great description of DPFS

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FAQ Posted by Phil
Info Created: 28 March 2008
Last Updated: 11 April 2017

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