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Stop a Puncture Happening?
Use Ultraseal

The world’s most advanced tyre repair process. The ultimate safety system.
Anyone who has had a high speed blow-out, knows what a terrifying and dangerous experience it is. It can happen without warning, making your car impossible to handle and putting you and your passengers in extreme danger.

Slow punctures are a major cause of blowouts and are usually very difficult to detect.

Installing Ultraseal in your tyres helps to ensure that you will not be placed in a potentially life threatening situation. A puncture is not only costly and inconvenient, but also dangerous. Ultraseal prevents punctures by repairing them immediately as they happen, and creates a permanent repair for the legal lifetime of the tyre.

Poorly inflated tyres resist rolling and cause poor fuel consumption. They also heat up quickly and run hotter, wearing out 10% to 40% faster

Heat is the number one tyre killer.

Ultraseal assists in protecting tyres from devastating heat build up that is associated with friction caused by under-inflation and/or overloading.

Ultraseal contains specific ingredients that aid in conducting heat from the tyre by transmitting the additional heat to the rim, which is the tyres natural heat sink. This action results in a cooler inner tyre for any type of tyre regardless of application.

With under-inflated tyres you pay more for fuel and you lose your current tyre investment faster because of early replacement.

Permanent Puncture Repair
Unlike traditional preventatives or get you home products, this is not a foam. It is held in a liquid state, in small quantities within the tyre, offering no change in the handling of the vehicle.

The compound is secret, however, an amount will penetrate the natural, slightly porous state of the rubber, achieving an almost perfect air retention state in the tyre, maintaining handling characteristics and flexibility. 

Once Ultraseal has been installed into your tyres the need to regularly top up with air is reduced dramatically
What you have now, is a perfectly performing tyre, which has the correct temperature on the outside, and cool on the inside which will help stop tyre failure and help extend tyre life by as much as 40%
Ultraseal’s proprietary repair process does not use any glue to make a repair, so Ultraseal is the answer to the problem of the patch that fails due to excessive heat. On the contrary heat is very beneficial to this process, therefore the repair cannot fail due to heat.

f the casing becomes damaged or weakened to the point of being unsafe, the Ultraseal formulation has been designed to slowly bleed regardless of how small the wound may be, giving the driver controlled deflation.

Cords are instrumental in rubber recovery, and without cords a tyre will blow up like a balloon. When cords are severely cut, the hole in the tyre will enlarge with increased air pressure, so in a moving bike, Ultraseal will assist to give this controlled deflation as the hole shrinks with increasing air loss and reducing air pressure.

With Ultraseal, and a controlled deflation, a tyre will deflate at a rate depending on the extent of the damage, then as the tyre reaches the lower pressures of 10 to 20 psi, a severe slow down or halt in air loss will be experienced as Ultraseals unique formulation is now log jamming in a wound that is now shrinking in size because of these much lower air pressures

You will now be running on a soft tyre instead of the wheel rim, which could mean the difference between keeping control or losing control

This is possible because Ultraseal does not use chopped up rubber tyres that become slippery when wet in their formulation.

They use 5 different sizes of specially manufactured surface synthetic fibres much stronger than steel which interlock tightly together like Velcro.

Once Ultraseal has been installed, it conditions the tyre making the rubber supple, thereby reducing sidewall age cracking, deterioration, and porosity, and any hole caused by puncturing objects of 6 mm or less, will be permanently repaired by Ultraseal, and there will still be enough Ultraseal on guard within the tyre to permanently repair many more punctures ‘as they happen’

Used in trials by N.A.S.A. for the Moon Buggy during the Apollo Missions, and a valued partner of professional race teams from the dirt roads of the European Rally Cross Championship, to the deserts of the Paris - Dakar Rally to the Indianapolis 500.Ultraseals abilities & performance is not diminished with speed, distance or time.



Ultraseal conforms to British, American and European standards. (Conforms to ECE 30 regulations)

Laboratory tested and proven by RAPRA UK to 130mph.

Road tested and proven by Dunlop GmbH to 156mph , and Asiatic Petroleum Corp.  (A division Of Shell Laboratories)

Supplied to Police and Paramedic motorcyclists

Ultraseals abilities & performance is not diminished with speed, distance or time.

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Info Created: 08 March 2008
Last Updated: 08 March 2008