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Find out how the self leveling suspension works on the C4GP Exclusive
Q. There are two buttons in the back left hand side.

One moves the suspension up and down and one look like it turns of the auto system. Should the car jack itself up if it notices a heavy weight that makes the rear suspension drop?

A. The suspension system does contain sensors that detect if the car is level.

If the system detects that the rear end is either too low or too high then the suspension inflates or deflates correspondingly.

The button in the boot is used for overriding the system when the car is stationary. It's amazing how many times I've lowered the floor deliberately to put a heavy item in the boot.

If you use the buttons then you hear a regular beep until it reaches on of three pre-determined points when you hear a quick beep, beep, beep. Lower, middle and upper settings.

If the suspension is at its lowest setting and you push the button to raise it, it will triple-beep and stop when it reaches the middle setting. Press the button again and it will continue to rise until it reaches the upper setting.

If you don't manually adjust the suspension from the lower setting and drive off the service light will illuminate you it is suggested that you don't exceed around 8mpg to give the suspension a chance to adjust.

To be honest if I forget to readjust the suspension I get out of the car and use the buttons as it's much quicker.

One last note. The suspension is susceptible to the dreaded Economy Mode. It is sometimes necessary to run the engine in order to manually adjust the suspension.
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FAQ Posted by blueclouduk
Info Created: 15 February 2008
Last Updated: 15 February 2008