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Adjust the windscreen washer jets on a C4?
My C4 developed an issue only 2 months after buying it with water missing the screen.

The jets are not adjustable, and in my case the wrong aiming was caused by dirt/debris inside the jet.

I took them out, backflushed them with silica spray, and all the dirt came out through the feed port.

Washed and reinstalled them. As good as new!

Something to mention. Mine lost their aiming only two days after I completely drained the washer-fluid reservoir.

The pump probably picked up dirt/sediment, and sent it to the jets, effectively blocking them.

There might be something wrong with the lines, with one jet not receiving full pressure (line blockage) and the either getting over-pressurized. Also the mounting could be a problem (but that should be obvious anyway...).

To flush the whole system do the following:

Remove the feed hose before the "T" (under the bonnet) and run the pump for 5-10 seconds. Reconnect the hose to the "T" and disconnect both outlets. Run the pump and observe if both sides give the same amount of water. Reconnect the two hoses to the "T" and disconnect them from the jets. Run the pump again and verify that equal amount of water comes from each one. Finally, remove the jets and boil them for a few minutes. The heat will remove any hard deposits. Replace everything, and verify that there is a gasket under each jet. They should be OK then.

Also, try to always use distilled water in the washer reservoir. It is far cleaner that tap or garden hose water (in terms of solid contaminants), and it does not leave calc deposits in the lines
I haven't let it completely drain again, and did not have any problems since!

I hope these are of help!
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FAQ Posted by gr_diver
Info Created: 05 February 2008
Last Updated: 30 October 2010