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Depolution system error?
The coolant temp sensor can crack. If this is the case with yours it would pay to have it checked as the coolant can work its way up the inside of the wires (pulmonary effect) to the ecu and cause a fire.

Other sensors can also fail on the turbo with less serious consequences

The Particulate filter can be an issue if you do lots of short journeys

Engine filter warning for city drivers.

6 February 2007

A WARNING has been sounded over potential problems with new-generation diesel engines.

Leasing company Lex says drivers in urban areas are at risk of the engines’ Exhaust Particulate Filters (EPF) clogging up. Some of the firm’s drivers are having to visit a dealership every six weeks to have their filters unblocked. The problem occurs predominantly in traffic at low speed, it adds.

Lex says fleets can alleviate the potential problem by following manufacturer operating recommendations.

Accordi ng to manufacturer guidelines, an EPF-equipped diesel engine is likely to clog up unless it is operated at 50mph for at least 20 minutes, or covers 50 miles at motorway speeds at least once every couple of weeks.

These driving conditions effectively burn off the soot particles that the EPF has been equipped to prevent from escaping into the atmosphere.

Drivers should look out for a warning light that notifies them that the EPF is blocked and that the car needs a run out at 50mph for a prolonged period.
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Info Created: 14 January 2008
Last Updated: 14 January 2008