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Find out C4 & C4 Picasso Service Intervals
Update 2014

Phil wrote ...

From 1st January 2014 the normal service intervals changed for certain models from 12,500 miles to 16,000 miles or one year.

These include:-

New C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso, C3(excluding C3 Picasso), DS3, C4, DS4, DS5, C5 Euro 5 - HDi 1.4 and HDi 1.6 Diesel Engines


VTi 1.0 and VTi 1.2 Petrol Engines.

TO confuse things even further, the Berlingo From RPO code 13660 (3rd March 2014) has gone onto the 16,000 interval - however the C3 Picasso is still 12,500.

Original Guide:

According to the C4 handbook ENT-GB-9004 the Normal Service intervals are as follows:

5 Door Hatch & 3 Door Coupe:

Normal Operating Conditions

All Engines (other than 1.6HDi 16V) 20,000 miles or 2 years

1.6 HDi 16V 12,500 miles or 2 years

Severe Operating Conditions

Defined as: Use of the vehicle mainly in town (door to door delivery, taxi), very hot countries or a dusty environment (building site), repeated short journeys (engine cold), or use of non-approved lubricants or poor quality fuels (sulphur content higher than 500 ppm)

All Engines (other than 1.6HDi 16V) 12,000 miles or annually

1.6 HDi 16V 10,000 miles or annually


Emission checks - every 2 years

Corrosion Inspections - at 4 years then every 2 years

Phil wrote ...

2nd September 2008 - Couple of updates for you regarding servicing and schedules for those that are interested.

Changes to scheduled servicing:

• Change in the servicing interval for 2-litre petrol from RPO number 11162 (not retrospective to earlier vehicles)
→ Normal use - 12500 miles / 20000 km or 2 years (previously 20000 miles / 30000km or 2 years)

• Changes for 2-litre HDi from RPO 11480 (not retrospective to earlier vehicles)
→ Diesel fuel filter replacement in normal use - 20000 miles / 30000 km (previously 40000 miles or 60000 km).

Policy on lubricants

→ Generalisation of the prohibition of the use 10W40 oil on all 2-litre petrol engines and the mandatory use of 5W40 A3/B4.


They've reduced the 2 litre petrol service interval, and now it has to have fully synthetic 5w/40 oil fitted at service.

They're saying the 2.0HDI has to have a fuel filter every service now as opposed to just at the "major" 40,000 service.

According to the ORGA/RP calculator - Click Here - , the petrol engine service interval and oil spec change is for cars with a build date of 01/06/07 onwards.

The 2.0HDI fuel filter interval change is for cars built from 14/04/08.

C4 Picasso 5 and 7 seat

According to the handbook ENT-GB-9006/2

Normal operating:

Petrol 20000 or 2 years

HDi (except 1.6 HDi 16V) 20,000 miles or 2 years

1.6 HDi 16V 12,500 miles or 2 years

Severe Operating Conditions

Petrol 12,000 miles or 1 year

HDi (except 1.6 HDi 16V) 12,000 miles or 1 year

1.6 HDi 16V 10000 miles or 1 year


Checks on the air conditioning should be carried out every 2 years.
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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 02 September 2008
Last Updated: 17 May 2014