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 FAQ #6
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Change the C4 key fob battery?
It's easy to do as the fob splits open easily inserting a small coin in the groove on the end opposite the actual metal key and twisting gently.

They are simple watch 'coin' batteries and you may find them in a high street jewellers or clock repair shop and are

Coupe and Hatch: CR 1620 3v battery

C4 Picasso: CR 1620 3 volts battery

You should open the key case and check though before ordering.

There are lots available on the web via this Google Search - Click Here -

This vendor Battery Force - Click Here - has them from £1.25 inc vat. but postage is £0.99 so £2.24 total

However on e bay - Click Here - your looking at from £0.79 + postage - which varies from £0.49 to £1.99 - best total price £1.48 inc postage

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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 17 January 2007
Last Updated: 15 February 2011