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Convert UK C4 Headlights for Continental Driving
Here's how to make UK-spec C4 headlights comply with driving on the right.

You buy part number CICIT8162 (that's what it says on the bill) Headlamp Guards.

They are large acrylic lens covers, which clip over the headlamps.

There is a rectangular sectioned marked out with outlines at each corner, over which solid black rectangles are stuck.

It's a very complicated way of blanking off about 20cm².

Now here's the bad news. They cost me £45.11 + VAT = £53.00.

What's in the box:

Fitting the headlights guards to a UK/RHD C4 and and preparing the lights for driving on the right

Part number CICIT8162 - Headlamp Guards. Made in Australia.

(I found it very hard to photograph this project because of all the reflections. I hope they make sense.)

Clean the lenses first, particularly the part at the top corners in the wing where the Velcro will be stuck! Velcro? Yes, one of the fastenings is good old Velcro. Or Dual-Lock as Citroën call it.

Open the bonnet.

The little black clips are fitted to lower edge of the guards (not shown) - two per guard.
I found them quite tricky to clip on, but once on, they're unlikely to come off.

The lower clips are pushed in first and the top clear bracket clipped right over the top of the lamp.

The guards more or less fit directly into the correct place.

Once you're happy everything is aligned - check the bonnet shuts without fouling - the protective backing can be removed from the small circle of Velcro, which can then be stuck to the lens.

Cutting off the part the beam which would dazzle drivers driving on the right, it just a matter of sticking the black labels onto the marker area on the guards.

Without too much thought I carefully stuck the labels on the front of the guards. But having put them on, I wondered if they should be stuck on the inside of the guard - it would make sense as the bits of sticky paper wouldn't be exposed to the elements.

The illustration on the instructions shows the labels being put on AFTER the guards have been fitted, but some text would have been helpful.

I drove about 100 miles tonight and they clearly work, removing light that would normally illuminate the pavement many yards ahead. I think there is small reduction in brightness on dipped, but full beam seemed unaffected.

These guards should fit any C4 Hatch or Coupé.

Please Note: for those cars with Directional Xenon Gas Discharge lamps, conversion is not reqiured.

rencar wrote ...

have the directional xenons on my GP and I emailed Citroen about this subject. Mainly to keep their response in the car in case of an issue whilst in France. I've listed their response below:

Thank you for your e-mail dated 1 April 2008.

We have been advised by our parent company, in France, that the Xenon headlamps fitted to your UK specification of the Citroën C4 Grand Picasso are suitable for short visits or holidays to European countries. However, if you are intending to take up residency or stay for an extended period you may need to change your headlamps to meet local regulations.

Assuring you of our best attentions,

Yours sincerely


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Info Created: 12 May 2009
Last Updated: 09 February 2011