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 FAQ #49
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Remove the C4 Centre Console for acess?
The first thing to do is clip off the tabs either side of the headunit as seen below, then remove the screws behind the tabs.

Then remove the ashtray.

Then place your hand on the small 'lip' to the rear of the gear stick and gently lift, when it has lifted follow round the contours of the console and gently unclip the rest of it.

Next remove the pen holder at the bottom of the centre console (this just clips up.

The last thing to do is remove the centre console Gently pull at the base of it and then work your way up until removed, the heater vents are connected to this part and leave a hole when removed, this can be seen covered up on mine.

Job Done

Takes just a few minutes and there is nothing really breakable or fragile.
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FAQ Posted by flat2themat
Info Created: 07 July 2007
Last Updated: 27 November 2011