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Fit fog lights to a C4?
Fog Light Installation Guide

Fitting Time: 1 Hour

Tools: Couple of Screwdrivers, and jack.

Difficulty: Easy, although small hands would help in the tight spots


Having ordered my new Fog lights on Ebay, they arrived yesterday, and were fitted to the car today. The box comes with:

2 x Fog Lights
2 x New Grille Inserts
1 x Instruction Manual

The box also includes a couple of cable ties and a small fog light sticker to put on your indicator stalk laug!

Installation is relatively easy, as with a bit of patience and care the front bumper does not have to be removed, although to gain access to the underside of the car a jack is a required.

The first job is to remove the current grilles, which is a simple case of carefully popping them out of their clips with a flat head screwdrivers. The car then needs to be jacked up, and the front bumper undertray removed. Again, this is a simple job - undo a few screws and slide/pop the tray out.


A quick inspection revealed the car (a VT model) did already have the connections required for the fogs - these had been tucked away.


The bodywork already behind the grilles had the mounting brackets ready for the new fogs, and these were secured with 3 screws each.

[shadowbox=images/c4/members/dar3.jpg|Fogs||][/shadowbox] [shadowbox=images/c4/members/dar4.jpg|Fogs||][/shadowbox]

The connections were then plugged into the back of the fogs. A quick test revealed they did not work - it seems the fogs will have to be "enabled" at the dealership.

The installation manual does feature 2 pages of screenshots of the Citroen dealership "software" menu's required to access the enabling option for the fog lights. Although in French this could prove useful if I find the Citroen techs scratching their heads!

The grilles were then replaced, and the undertray re-fitted. Job done!

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FAQ Posted by Welshguy
Info Created: 05 April 2007
Last Updated: 23 December 2009