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How do I stop the Radio automatically tuning to a different station?
OK so you have tuned into your favourite local Radio Station and it won't hold station and keeps switching automatically between Radio Station (A) & Radio Station (B) - very annoying

Radio Station (A) = your favourite - (B) is an interloper!

The RD4 head unit in RDS mode will look for the stronger signal I'm afraid.

It can be made better however by doing the following:

Deactivating the RDS and activating Regional mode whilst tuning it to Radio Station (A)


When you tune the station with RDS off. Any station stored will remain stored with RDS off.

Alternatively, when you select a station, immediately push 'Menu' then 'Enter and it will switch RDS off until you change station again

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FAQ Posted by Mike5483
Info Created: 19 March 2007
Last Updated: 19 March 2007