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Change the Headlight Bulbs in my C4 Picasso B78 to LED?
Just an update re the car...fitted the LED bulbs into the car! Makes a big difference to the visibility and the look of the car. I wasn't going to get the fogs done as hardly use them, but they come on when turning the wheel and indicating. So I've ordered some H11 Leds as well.

The headlights bulbs were a very easy part to change...apart from a few scratches on the back of my hand due to being a bit tight on space!

The style I went for are these... - Click Here -

H7 for headlights and H11 for fogs.

Still waiting for my H11, will update when they arrive!

Bought a set of H7 for my Skoda and a set for the Citroen. The Skoda needed inline resistors, but the Citroen ones worked just fine without!

Headlight LED update How to do it:

So you twist of the back of the cover

Unplug the current bulb

Unhook the catch and remove bulb

Then do this again in reverse order

I have taken pics of the catch as you are doing this mostly by touch rather than seeing what you are doing.

Then sit back and enjoy!

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FAQ Posted by vimto2000
Info Created: 18 November 2015
Last Updated: 24 December 2015