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Change the headlamp bulb in a 2007 - 2013 C4 Picasso
Changing the bulbs held in by spring clips on my old style Picasso was fiddly but made easier by using a mirror to see what was needed - the advice and piccies given in this thread are spot on. It does get easier with practice: 10 minutes in the dark and no mirror was my best!

However, my 2008 C4 Grand Picasso (1.6 HDi, 7 seats) has different bulb fittings, at least for dipped beam. I could find no information on these at all, but in the end they are much easier to change. I did the driver's side dipped beam today - it failed on a long cross country journey in the rain last night - and it took less than 5 minutes once I'd worked out what to do (sorry for the lack of pictures, but I'd already completed the work before realising that it might be useful to post here):

1. Remove the clip holding the water bottle filler spout in place - on my car this was just a push fit, and it meant I could push it out of the way to get a bit more room to work.

2. Pull off the rubber cap - make sure you do the right one!

3. Using your fingers, grip the plastic cap that is pushed onto the bulb and twist firmly which frees up the whole bulb assembly so you can remove it from the headlamp.

It doesn't require much effort to do this, but you have to be "brave" as at this point you can't possibly see what you are doing. There are two short "wings" on either side of the metal bulb holder which are clipped under two corresponding "screws" in the headlamp moulding.

I first thought you had to loosen these screws, which have hexagonal socket heads, but this turned out to be both impossible and unnecessary. As I was looking in a mirror I can't be sure which way I twisted, but it only goes one way. Also, remember the orientation of the whole assembly - essentially, which way the wire was pointing - so you can put it back in the right way round.

4. Pull the plastic cap off the bulb - the metal bulb holder is clipped to this cap so should come with it, leaving you holding the bulb. When I did it, I (wrongly) prised the holder off the cap first, and then pulled the cap off the bulb - this meant the bulb easily fell off the holder!

This was mostly a problem because you need to note the orientation of the bulb with respect to the holder so you can fit them back together again when you put in the new bulb - it only goes one way, so it isn't too difficult to work it out.

5a. If you've separated the holder from the cap, put the new bulb into the metal holder, lining it up as noted in step 4. As always, take care not to touch the glass. Then push the bulb and holder firmly back onto the cap, making sure the clips on the holder are fully engaged on the cap.

5b. If you left the holder attached to the cap, simply line up the bulb and push it on. You could be 180 degrees out if you're not careful in which case it won't go on, so take care to get it lined up right as you have to press quite hard to get the cap back on the new bulb.

6. Re-insert the bulb in the headlamp - looking at it from the front helps here - recall how it was oriented, and make sure the "wings" on the holder are the right side of the "screws".

7. Twist (the other way to the direction needed to get it off!) and the bulb assembly snaps back into place. I found that this didn't require a lot of force, and that the result was a definite and clear re-engagement of the wings under the screw heads, so I was in no doubt it had been successful. Nevertheless, give it a few tugs to be sure everything is seated correctly, and check your work from the front.

8. Test, and if everything's ok, put the rubber cap back on and re-clip the water bottle spout - again, this was easy and there was a definite clicking back into place.

Job done, and MUCH easier than before. I looked at the main beam fitting and although I didn't try anything with it I felt it would be as easy - there is good access through a larger opening, albeit on the side of the headlamp rather than directly behind the bulb. I'll add another post if and when I need to change these and/or the n/s dipped bulb.

BTW - I've had the car for four years 40,000 miles and this is the first headlight bulb I've had to change.

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