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C4-II Change from Fahrenheit to Centigrade on temperature on dial
I have an early 2012 C4 (B7) diesel FAP with dual zone climate system.

I accidentally changed the units of the temperature displayed on the temperature dials from Celsius to Fahrenheit and I cannot get it back to Celsius.

gmavrikas wrote ...

Solved it!

I called Citroen Greece and they had no clue as expected, but they were kind enough to forward my question to the mothership (Citroen France).

They called me back 45 minutes later with the following answer:

"Lock the car and wait at least 10 minutes for all the ECUs to power down. Unlock the car, start the engine and within 5 seconds of starting the engine press the AC and recycle buttons at the same time".

Did it, worked, I'm happy.

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FAQ Posted by gmavrikas
Info Created: 20 August 2013
Last Updated: 20 August 2013