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Change the 'clutch pedal switch' on a C4
There is already a tutorial on changing the brake pedal switch so this one compliments that.

Here's a brand spanking new clutch switch...

And here's where it's located in the driver footwell...

It's a little tricky to get to so you can pull out the cables that are in front of the switch as they are just held by a clip that pulls out. This gives more space to fiddle about...

On this side of the silver pedal housing you first need to take out plug 'A' in the pic below.

Then the central pin 'B' on the switch that comes through the holes is split so you can squeeze it together and push it out the other side. Don't worry about it falling down as its attached to the plug on this side by the wire in between.

Refitting the new one is, the reverse of the removal, and granted you will needs a rather good amount of dexterity in your hands to feed the switch over and clip it back in but from feeling around there seems to be enough room to do so without too much trouble.

Hope this helps you and any others than come across this problem.
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FAQ Posted by mrgrotey
Info Created: 22 April 2011
Last Updated: 19 June 2013