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Cover my C4 rear spoiler in 'Carbon Fibre'
Tried on the splitter first... after playing up with a spare window pillar :p ...

2nd try was much better though, splitter looks great!.. cant wait to put it on. Regarding the spoiler, I think it is going to be very very difficult.

I am gonna do the window pillar and the black part on the back bumper first. Then I will see if the spoiler can stay black or not. Don't want to damage it either.

a few things though for who ever wants to try:

On the above video, the guy says to apply very thin even layer of resin. It is much easier to apply heavy-ish layers, it makes it a lot easier to sand down the part later. I applied thin layers at first, but I was very quickly on the carbon when sanding down and had to apply another coat of resin. I applied base coat, carbon fibre, then 4 coats of resin.

Mixing the hardener and resin well is essential. I mixed my firs batch quite well, but the resin tends to drop at the bottom of the cup, so mixing well for 2/3 min was needed. If not mixed well, the resin wont dry up!!! :/

See the result for yourself...

I didn't bother sanding down the back of the splitter as you don't see it at all on the car!.. only focused on the front, look shiny as hell!

though I would give a list of what is required. As stated above, CarbonMods sells a kit, but it isn't cheap. and the carbon sheet isn't very big!

I bought a 5m*5m sheet of carbon on ebay for £150. That should be more than enough to do all my parts! (Splitter, spoiler, pillars, and bumper parts).

Epoxy Resin.

I bought it again from Ebay. I had to buy black resin from carbon mods though as I couldn't find decent one on ebay though and it is required if you part isnt black!

2L of resin was £45 and the black one from Carbon mods was £25

1L of hardener from £25

A lot of cheap brushes!!! £1 for 5 coating brushes! I haven't found a way of saving the brushes after applying a coat, so I just binned everything after each use!!!

Plastic cups, don't try and use a mug as the resin gets hard very quickly and it will go to waste! :p

Plastic gloves

A stand for your part so the resin doesn't drip and leave marks!!! I used pieces of wood with nails to hold the part up and flat.

Sand paper... I only used water one, from 240 to 1200.

I think the total for all of it was about £300 but I can do all the parts, and even practice as well on some spare parts I have here. Quite cheap considering that I have been quoted £99 just for Window pillars wrapping!
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FAQ Posted by MurerG
Info Created: 18 December 2010
Last Updated: 27 November 2011