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Manually Adjust the height of my C4 or DS4 headlamps Halogen or Xenon Discharge
Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of you C4 techy's can advise me on how to adjust my dipped headlamps on my C4 coupe, I noticed that it has some kind of "Hex" adjuster, do I need special tools to do this with and where can I buy these ?

The elec adjuster is at its default setting which is "0" its just when I'm driving at night I feel that my dipped beam is slightly low and wondered if I could do this adjustment myself or pay a garage a fortune instead?

All variant C4's have the same headlamp units, Coupe, Hatch, DS4, C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso.

Depending on model (there may be slightly differing layouts):

If you remove any covers around the headlamps (washer bottle, air box depending on the model) you will see on the inner, rear edge of the headlamp a white piece of plastic sticking out about 1.5"

You can turn that manually by hand.

The other is on top of the light unit and needs a Hex (allen) key to turn it.

Halogen headlight:-

HID Xenon Discharge headlight:-

For the NEW C4 Picasso Range the adjusters are in a different location:

picassokid wrote ...

Here is a picture of the Offside (drivers) headlamp.

The vertical adjustment is by a 6mm Allen key, the other adjustment for the horizontal can be seen at the rear, as a hex head screw of approx. 6mm A/F.

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FAQ Posted by Phil
Info Created: 13 December 2010
Last Updated: 21 August 2014