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Cure a C4 EGS of 'Juddering' when pulling away
This weekend was spent calibrating the EGS gearbox. I recently talked to the garage about the juddering at take-off and they said that I should calibrate the gearbox. Since I have a Lexia I could do this myself, but if you do not, ask your garage to calibrate the gearbox if you have problems with juddering and you have the EGS box.

In short for those of you who have a Lexia:

Do this with a cold engine from the start and somewhere you can drive short lengths without disturbing someone!

Run a diagnostic on the whole car.

Choose gearbox computer, delete any errors (first read out errors).

Select the last item on the list (since I have a Lexia in Swedish I'm not sure what it says, something like "parameters").

Choose "switch/change gearbox computer" and run the calibration.

Follow the sections you see, it will start by calibrating the position of the gears, followed by the power need for the clutch.

When the calibration of the "pull position" (not shure what it's called in English), keep the Lexia connected! Start the engine and let it get warm (over 70 deg Celsius). Do four calibrations in a row without stopping the engine.

Use Auto-mode! Start off by accelerating with around 40% throttle and get over 15 km/h, brake when 15 has been reached (do not stand on the brake pedal!). Repeat four times. Leave the engine running for at least 1 minute, then repeat four calibrations again, this time stop the engine after you are ready.

You can disconnect the Lexia now. After one minute test driving the car for a few kilometers. In the beginning my felt like it was hesitating when changing gears but this disappeared after a few km!

The result in my car is a whole new car!

Almost all juddering is gone, the only time I can feel some is when starting downhill.

Alternatively you can try the ' Hard reset' method:

ped wrote ...
Can't beat the EGS DIY calibration, I'd say it works better than the Citroen's Lexia calibration to be honest (well it's damn cheaper and a lot quicker).

As above ... flat road > dead stop > select A> basically stamp on the accelerator pedal > leave it there til it's in 2nd or 3rd then drive normal. If it's done right your car will just stand there for a few milliseconds before launching off almost like it's saying WTF I'm a family car!!

If your still getting jerking in 1st first thing in the morning, try turning everything off, aircon/airblower/radio etc etc.

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FAQ Posted by Lars of Sweden
Info Created: 21 September 2010
Last Updated: 14 July 2015