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Retro Fit Front Parking Sensors to a C4GP or other C4
Afternoon all, sorry if this topic has been covered to death but I have done quite a bit of searching on the forum and can't seem to find a definitive answer.

Are you able to fit front sensors to the GP that use the display that the rears use so in effect are like the factory fit ones?

Some threads seem to say yes, some say no and some say sort of!

I have a feeling that if the answer is yes, then it will be [%*^#@!] expensive!!

BigJohnD wrote ...

Here's more info on the 9690 01 Front Parking Assistance.

It would appear this can be fitted to any qualifying model, irrespective of whether rear sensors are already fitted.

9690 01 Front Parking Assistance

Suitable for (amongst others):

C4 Berline and Coupé: after 03/09 / O11558
C4 Picasso: after 03/09
Grand C4 Picasso: after 03/09

This product is authorised and is approved, despite the label forbidding the installation of a consumer above 10mA to the reversing lights harness.


Innovative electronic equipment offering comfort and safety.

Very practical on this type of vehicle, during parking manoeuvres this system detects obstacles in front of your vehicle.

Parking assistance assists the driver in performing his manoeuvres.

This parking assistance guarantees full detection of static or moving obstacles that are liable to be hit by the vehicle.

A bleeper signal variable in intermittence indicates the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle.


1 control unit;
4 sensors;
1 supply harness;
1 switch;
1 bag of fixings.

Technical characteristics:

4 sensors which can be painted, to be fitted into the FRONT bumpers.
Passive system with 4 sensors and a sealed connection.
A bleeper signal variable in intermittence indicates the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle.
Sensitivity to be adjusted (see fitting instructions).
Pushbutton control with indicator light.
As the distance reduces, the signal frequency intensifies, until a continuous sound invites you to stop your manoeuvre.
Audible alert: Buzzer up to a maximum of 74dB.
Maximum range: 1m - 1.2m (adjustable via the trimmer: SENS).
Power consumption: < 55 mA.
Operating temperature: -20°C to +80°C.

Sales statements

Prevents the bumpers from becoming scratched and dented.

The system is compatible with all types of towbar.

The ultrasonic sensors harmonise perfectly and inconspicuously with the bumpers.

The sensors can be painted to blend in with the bumpers.

The sealed connection preserves the system in perfect condition throughout its service life.

The sensitivity of the sensors and the volume of the audible alert can be adjusted, so the owner is free to adapt the system to his own requirements.

The fitting instructions indicate the "Citroën Service Computer" is required, i.e. presence and activation by Lexia or Proxia.

Fitting times:

C4 Berline and Coupé: 2.30hr

C4 Picasso: 2.30hr

Grand C4 Picasso: 2.30hr

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FAQ Posted by BigJohnD
Info Created: 23 August 2010
Last Updated: 18 February 2011