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 FAQ #21
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See if the Rear Parking Sensors are working via the Dashboard Display?
[shadowbox=images/c4/ice/reverse.jpg|Onboard Reverse Sensor Display||right][/shadowbox] You can't really rely on these as you should be looking over your shoulder to see if there is any obstruction and not at the on-board display.

However the dashboard display will show how close you are to the vehicle behind if you have the uprated display screen fitted to VTR+ and higher spec models

When reverse is selected the dash board shows the outline of a car. When yo get to within a metre of an obstruction the sound system starts to emit a 'Beep' and mutes the radio/cd if turned on.

The closer you get to an obstruction the faster the beep until your within about 1 foot when it turns continuous

You should STOP then!

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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 14 October 2007
Last Updated: 02 January 2010