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Find out why a C4 2.0 HDi is surging at low engine revs and low speed or Kangarooing
C4 2.0HDI and it's developed a lack of power/juddering at around the 1800-2500 rev range, it's fine below and above that range.

Basically if I'm just cruising at around the 2K rpm mark, the car sort of judders but if I put my foot down it's fine and will run as normal.


When driving at low speeds the car is surging and jerky. No fault showing on dash.

Hold it at about 2k revs it'll just drive juddering. Unplug the MAP sensor plug and drive it a few miles and it drives perfectly, plug it back in and its juddering again

Phil wrote ...

Is it quite a bad judder/ hesitation? Not like a little hiccup?

If it's a little hesitation - like a cough and then goes again - I'd say EGR valve fault.

If it's quite bad and it does it every time you get to the 2000 revs mark, I'd go for turbo recopy position sensor.

Unplugging the MAF puts it into backup mode, that's why the juddering disappears, as it's on a reduced power strategy and probably isn't taking readings from all the sensors.

With what you have said, I'd be swinging towards the turbo recopy position sensor - we had a 307 with the same engine with exactly what you describe.

No. 8 in the diagram (click to enlarge).


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FAQ Posted by Phil
Info Created: 12 July 2010
Last Updated: 12 July 2010