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 FAQ #2
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Resetting the C4 service indicator?
If mileage countdown to the next service suddenly goes from 12,000 or so miles to zero miles and the spanner comes on then you can reset yourself as it tells you in the handbook that comes with car.

Resetting the maintenance indicator to zero

Your CITROËN dealer performs this operation after each service. However, if you carry out the servicing yourself, the procedure for resetting to zero is as follows:

- Switch off the ignition, then place the key on position S, steering lock.

- Press control 1 and keep it pressed.

- Switch on the ignition.

- Keep control 1 pressed until the zero appears and the maintenance symbol disappears.

- Switch off the ignition.

Control 1 is the "Trip" button on the top of the dash in front of the speedo.

However if it happens each time its reset. 12,000 miles - you use the car 2 or 3 times and travel less than 10 miles then it can go back to zero miles to next service.

This is a software issue which requires an update by a dealer

Don't forget to take the spare key and the key code card with you as for a full software update they will be required
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Info Created: 24 February 2007
Last Updated: 21 August 2014