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Change the C4 dashboard panel colour and bulbs
Vampire TNA wrote ...

Hi everyone. I'm a new owner of a C4 Coupe.
I loved the looks of it since the first look, except one thing: The orange colour on the instruments panel. Does anybody know how to change it to another colour. Can I use the Picasso panel that has adjustable colour?

found the following links in a greek forum (!!!)

I think that they come from a french modder

I just hope that there is an easier way to to this. I wouldn't like to mess with the plastic parts of the c4...

Here are some videos from a Ikowa (Spanish) on how to diassemble the parts and change the colour of the screens.

I hope they are helpful to anyone who tries it

Here are a few videos:

For the full list to take the individual bits apart then look Here - Click Here -

Here are some photos with the panel colour changed.

Isn't it a beauty?
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Info Created: 02 April 2010
Last Updated: 06 February 2015