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Fitting a new C4 driver's seat back cushion. There's an air bag in the way!!
slimbo wrote ...

Have recently bought a C4 VTR coupe in Iron Grey, 06, just under 30k ex Motability. Fantastic looking car but the side bolster on the drivers side has started to wear prob due to the large heavy doors not being opened fully.

Went to the local dealer to see if I could buy a new cover for the back cushion only to be told it was complete foam unit approx £500. ha ha ha.

A week later there's one on Ebay, brand spanking in the box, less than the VAT Citroen wanted to charge me.

It's taken me 20 mins to strip the old one down to the point where it's just the side air bag stopping me taking it off completely.

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slimbo wrote ...

Ok, I stripped the seat down no probs it just pulls over the headrest collars and the lever mechanism once you take the cover off. I’m just stuck now at the air bag. I don’t want to go messing with this in case it goes bang. Can this be disabled by finding the flying lead and unplugging it from the main loom? or has the battery got to be disconected.The new seat cushion has clips around this opening so the old one must have to be unclipped from inside the seat.

Has any one replaced one of these units, I would imagine they slot in from the side because there’s no room to fit them from inside.

If it involves an airbag, then disconnecting the battery should always be done
slimbo wrote ...

Ok, job done.

If anyone’s interested this is how it worked out.

First off, disconnect the battery.

Reach under the seat base and unhook the elastic on the carpet part of the back of the seat, this then can be unclipped to reveal two silver hooks, these are unhooked next using a pair of pliers.

Reach back under the seat and unhook the two elastics, this enables the flap of material at the back to be pulled out from the front under the seatback.

You should now have enough room to slide your hand inside the seat. Press together the 4 clips and push the plastic seatback out and up.

Remove the headrest.
Unhook the seat ties and peel off the seat from the frame pulling it over the headrest holes. Use a screwdriver to work the seat over these or you could just slit it with a knife to make the holes bigger.

Remove the tilt lever surround.

Now the fun begins.

The hole in the new seatback for the airbag has a series of clips running around the edge that clip into the airbag itself. When I got to this stage I decided to cut the old seat off leaving about 20mm all around the airbag its then easier to push out the clips from the inside with a terminal screwdriver.

Reverse to fit the new seat cover.

The new seat went over the frame quite easily the only prob being the headrest holes but just ease them over with a screwdriver again but put the “button” side through he hole first.

When the seat is reassembled and the battery reconnected you have to reset the language and kph back to mph.

1-1½hrs tops.

Thanks for all the input.

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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 06 March 2010
Last Updated: 28 January 2011