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Find all the Grand C4 Picasso ( C4GP ) Cargo area options
Apologies to non-broadband members for the number of photos.

All 7 seats up - cargo net secured on d-rings between seats and door.

One rear seat folded back into the floor.

Both rear seats folded back into the floor.

d-ring on left side of boot just behind row 2.

d-rings on left side of boot just near the opening - I use them to secure the cargo net.

d-ring with row 3 seat belt attached

left-most seat of row 2 folded folded as flat as it will go (from front)

left-most seat of row 2 folded folded as flat as it will go (from rear)

Now for the 'git-to-fit' (an old English phrase not covered by the 'Profanity Filter' ) seperation net.

There are four high fixing points - two on each side - one just in front of the grab-handle in row 2 and one in row 3 - the first photo shows the cover in place, the second with the cover open.

There are two plastic covers where the tonneau is fixed - these need to be removed.

Net in place (yes I know it looks wonky) on row 3.

Net in place on row 2 - the casing is fixed to the second row seats.

The tether point covers have to be removed.

Wider shot showing all 5 rear seats down and the seperation net fixed just behind the front seats - could hold a concert in there.

Finally, all the seats restored to the normal day-to-day configuration with the tonneau in place.

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FAQ Posted by Dave_Retired.
Info Created: 06 March 2010
Last Updated: 21 June 2013