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Find a spare 12v permanent live in a C4 Fusebox?
Ok permanent 12v found in fuse box in car

Using parts of the official citroen wiring harness installation guide...

If your car does not have electric seats you will find this grey plug with big red wire attached taped up towards the top of your fusebox. After testing with a multimeter you should find 0v.

Open up the fusebox under the bonnet and remove the plug on the right as shown above.

This is just to ease access and you may leave it and struggle if you wish.

Using snipe nosed pliers partially insert a 20A maxi blade fuse into slot 6 as shown above, you can then push it into place by hand.

Testing the plug again you will find you have 12v, mine shows this with ignition off and after economy mode is active.

I will be putting a 15A blade fuse inline for my relay.

Remember safety first, always disconnect the battery before playing with electrics.
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FAQ Posted by bingbonguk
Info Created: 05 February 2010
Last Updated: 05 February 2010