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Fix a broken C4 Coupe or Hatch broken glove box handle
Here is how I fixed the broken Glove Box Handle.

I took the glovebox out if the car because it was too cold to do it outside.

To remove it, remove the torx head screws around the outside edge, then remove the hidden one under the 'air bag' sticker and pull it out.

First picture is how to open the door when it is broken.


After taking the glovebox lid off, just to make it easier.

Drill a couple of pilot holes through the broken handle, and mark on the catch where it broke off. Pilot the catch and screw handle in place using 2 self-tapper screws. You need screws about 35mm long.



So, it's fixed, and is now probably stronger than when new.

As an additional note.

You could do this as a preventive measure.

Just take the glovebox out of the car, lift the handle like you would to open the door. Drill a pilot hole in the middle (just as in the pictures above) and pop a self-tapper in.

This should secure it, and stop it snapping off.

To replace the catch you need to replace the whole lid. Part numbers:

For post 2008 facelift cars:

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Info Created: 04 January 2010
Last Updated: 04 May 2015